Adopted Žito Group and Žito, d.d. annual report and convening of the annual general meeting of shareholders

The proposed general meeting agenda includes the presentation of the ŽITO, d.d. company and ŽITO GROUP, d.d. annual report, auditor’s report and reports of the supervisory board on confirmation of the annual report for the 2012financial year, familiarisation with remuneration of management board and supervisory board members, use of distributable profit and discharge of members of the management board and supervisory board.
The supervisory board has given consent to the management board’s proposal on division of net profit and formation of distributable profit for 2012. It envisages that a part of the distributable profit in the amount of € 352,746.00, representing 47% of net profit in the 2012 financial year shall be divided among shareholders of the Žito, d.d. company who are registered in the share register on the second working day following the general meeting. The proposed gross dividend amount should according to the proposal be € 1.00 per share.

Additional information:
Nina Rus Turuk,
Public Relations, Žito Group
Telephone number: 01 5876 120
E-mail: pr@zito.si

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