Annual document 2013/2012

On the basis of Article 63 of the Financial Instruments Market Act (ZTFI) and Rules of the Ljubljanska borza, d.d. the Žito, d.d. company publishes the Annual document for the period from 20 April, 2012 to 26 April, 2013. It lists all information in Slovenian language that were published in accordance with the regulations in the area of securities in the Republic of Slovenia in the last 12 months and which are available on the Ljubljanska borza, d.d. website SEOnet: seonet.ljse.si and on the company’s website www.zito.si.
As of 26 April, 2013 the annual document has been published also on the Žito, d.d. company’s website where it will available for at least five years.

Žito d.d.
Management Board

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