Change in the share of holdings of management board chairman in the capital of the issuer

The Jacobo d.o.o. company, V Dovjež 11, 1000 Ljubljana whose 100-percent owner and CEO is Janez Bojc – Chairman of the Management Board of Žito d.d. bought 268 shares of Žito d.d. company totalling €17,044.80.

Thus the Jacobo d.o.o. company owns 4168 shares of Žito d.d. company which represents a 1.1715% equity stake.

Janez Bojc besides these shares owns an additional 4617 shares of the Žito d.d. company, Ljubljana which represents a 1.2977% equity stake.

Žito d.d.

Management Board

Date: 3rd December, 2013

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