Signing the appendix to the Agreement on total sale of Žito d.d. company shares

The Žito d.d. company notifies that on the 11th March 2014 it received a notice by the coordinator of the procedure of offering Žito d.d. shares where Modra zavarovalnica d.d., Slovenska odškodninska družba d.d. (Slovenian Compensation Fund), KD Kapital, finančna družba. d.o.o. (Capital Fund Kapital), KD Skladi, družba za upravljanje d.o.o ((Capital Fund Skladi)). on their behalf and for the sub-funds of the umbrella fund KD: KD Galileo, mixed flexible fund, KD Rastko, European Share Fund and KD Dividend, share fund, Adriatic Slovenica, d.d. and NLB Skladi, upravljanje premoženja, d.o.o., on their behalf and for the account of the sub-fund NLB Skladi – Slovenski delniški that as holders have 181,932 ordinary registered no-par value shares of the Žito d.d. company (symbol: ZTOG) and whose share totals 51.13% of company share capital, on the 6th March, 2014 signed the “Appendix to the Agreement on total sale of Žito d.d. company shares” (hereinafter: Agreement) with which the original signatories of the Agreement agreed that NLB Skladi, upravljanje premoženja, d.o.o. join the Agreement subsequently. All other provisions of the Agreement remain intact.

Žito d.d.
Management Board

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