Notice to minority shareholders of Žito d.d. shares

Dear Sir or Madam,

Slovenian Sovereign Holding (Slovenski državni holding, SDH) has concluded a contract for the sale of 183,386 (51.55%) shares of the company Žito, d.d., together with other members of the consortium of sellers with the company Podravka, d.d., on 4/21/2015. Podravka d.d. purchased 51.5% of the holding in the company Žito, d.d.,at a price of € 180.10 per share, which means that the whole purchase price for this holding amounts to € 33,027,818.60. In accordance with the Takeovers Act, Podravka d.d. has already announced its intention that, following the completion of the transfer of shares, it will announce a bid for the takeover of the rest of the shares.

All other shareholders are informed that they will be able to sell shares of Žito d.d. at the same price the shares were sold by the consortium, when the buyer announces the takeover bid. Until then the shareholders may trade with shares at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange without problems. For any further clarifications please contact Mrs. Slavica Pogladič, tel. 01 5876 184, e-mail slavi.pogladic@zito.si.

Žito dd
Management Board
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