Receipt of the Request for the Convocation of the General Meeting of Shareholders

On 16 December 2015, the company ŽITO received a request from the shareholder PODRAVKA d.d. to convene the General Meeting with the following agenda: 1. Opening of the general meeting and election of the working bodies of the meeting, 2. Exclusion of minority shareholders from the company, 3. Withdrawal of the company’s shares from the organised market. In accordance with the provisions of Companies Act (ZGD-1), the Management Board of ŽITO d.d. will take all necessary actions required to convene a general meeting of ŽITO, d.d., at the request of the shareholder.
Request for the convocation of the 23rd general meeting of the company ŽITO prehrambena industrija d.d. Ljubljana
The report of the main shareholder on the exclusion of minority shareholders
Žito d.d.
Management Board
Date: 17/12/2015

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