Transformation of the company Žito, prehrambena industrija, d.d. to Žito d.o.o. and entry into the register as a limited liability company

Ljubljana, 26/09/2016

To whom it may concern,

We would like to inform you that a decision was made on the 25th General meeting of the Žito d.d. regarding transforming the Žito company from a public limited company to a limited liability company. By entering a resolution into the Court register, on 3 October 2016, the company will operate as a limited liability company and no longer as a public limited company.

The limited liability company name will be: ŽITO prehrambena industrija, d.o.o. The short company name will be: ŽITO d.o.o. The head office will be in Ljubljana; the business address will be Šmartinska cesta 154, 1000 Ljubljana; the VAT ID, registration number, and account number remain the same. Directors Janez Bojc (Managing Director) and Milan Tadić (Director) will remain authorized representatives. Both directors jointly represent the company.

After transformation, ŽITO d.o.o. is the universal legal successor of ŽITO d.d. , that means that it’s going to continue with all activities it was registered for as a public limited company, all signed and current valid contracts remain in force under the conditions as agreed on the day of the contract conclusion.

More information:

Legal advisor: nina.martinjak@zito.si
Public Relations Office: nina.turuk@zito.si

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