Company information

The company Žito, prehrambena industrija, d.o.o. is the parent company of the Žito Group

Short company name: Žito d.o.o.
Registered office: Šmartinska c. 154, 1000 Ljubljana

Telephone number: +386(0)1 5876 100
Fax: +386(0)1 5245 200
Company registration number: 5391814

ID number: SI 81177879
ID and date of entry in the court register: S/N 98/05123, 30 September, 1998
Share capital: € 14,846,937

Managing director: Janez Bojc
Company directors: Senka Dotov, Dušan Tomašević

Supervisory board chairman: Marin Pucar
Senior vice president of the supervisory board: Petar Vlaić
Supervisory board members: Ivana Širić, Rajko Stanković, Sonja Perčič, Matjaž Breznik

Main activities of the group: production of bakery, confectionary and milled products, frozen foods, candy, chewing gum, chocolate, biscuit pastry, pasta, spices, tea, rice and retailing.