Janez Bojc, Managing Director

Bachelor of Science in Economics

He began his business career in 1989 as a commercialist in Lesnina. He continued at the Cooperative Union of Slovenia as counsellor of the management board chairman and later as assistant to the director in the field of purchasing and sales at the Zadružna kmetijska družba (Associated Agricultural Company). As co-founder he was the deputy director at the Kmečka družba for investment fund management until 2001. In the last decade he headed the KD Holding financial corporation, the Ljubljana Cinematographic Company, the Jacobo, d.o.o. company and KD Kapital.

Janez Bojc has a wealth of experience in the field of strategic management of companies across Slovenia and abroad and extensive communication and motivational skills. For several years he has also performed different functions in management bodies of companies, such as management boards, supervisory audit boards and personnel committees. Moreover, he has a certificate of the Slovenian Director’s Association (SDA). For the last 10 years, he has held a supervisory position at the Žito Group.

Dušan Tomašević, Director

Senka Dotov, Director