Quality policy

The Žito Group’s mission is written in its commitment: “To eat good, safe and modern”. The Žito Group maintains the Slovenian culinary tradition and we enrich it with development and advanced knowledge in modern nutrition. With quality certificates we ensure safe and quality food to domestic customers and those abroad.

Our main goal is to satisfy customers since they are the only measure of quality for our products and services. We want to keep our competitive advantage and increase it by constantly verifying the changing needs of the customer when looking for new products on the basis of cereals, wheat, dough, sugar etc.
By realisation of our quality policy we are guided by our developmental orientation to a European-wide recognised company that is able to work with traditional and modern food products. We are at the same time aware that quality is the fundamental principle of all our successful competitors.
We ensure quality in all stages of our business process. All company co-workers contribute to the realisation of our quality policy with their work. Every employee working at their job position is responsible for the quality of his or her work. Special attention is dedicated to improving quality and reducing operating expenses. Should difficulties occur regardless of all the measures taken to mitigate mistakes we inspect and remove them systematically.
The management actively supports, controls and monitors the efficiency of quality system implementation.

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