Public Notices


Receipt of notice of the change in significant holdings

In accordance with Article 124 of the Financial Instruments Market Act (OJ RS no. 67/2007, as amended and supplemented, hereinafter ZTFI) and Article 18 of the Decision regulating the information about significant holdings (OJ RS no. 106/2007 and 33/2008), the company ŽITO prehrambena industrija, d.d., Šmartinska cesta 154, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter: ŽITO, d.d.) publishes the […]


Notice to minority shareholders of Žito d.d. shares

Slovenian Sovereign Holding (Slovenski državni holding, SDH) has concluded a contract for the sale of 183,386 (51.55%) shares of the company Žito, d.d., together with other members of the consortium of sellers with the company Podravka, d.d., on 4/21/2015.